Build a Greener Future with Sustainable Homes

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Thoth London's mission is to help owners and developers build a greener future with sustainable homes, by using locally sourced materials, solar panels, LED lighting, green roofs, and many more eco-friendly construction methods.

Putting Energy Into Something Meaningful with Rainbow Energy

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Launching later this year, Rainbow Energy is giving power to consumers to make smart choices around their energy consumption. They want to help individuals switch to an energy supplier that provides 100% green power and rewards consumers with a stake in the company.

Charge Your Vehicle the Right Way to Change Your Electric Bill and the Planet

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Green.Org got to chat with Charlie Cook, the founder and CEO of Rightcharge, to learn more about his goal to empower consumers with the information needed to smartly charge their electric vehicles at the lowest possible cost, to have the highest possible impact on the planet. Charging your vehicle the right way can positively change your electric bill and the planet!