Power from Plastic – the Perfect Renewable

assorted plastic bottles
We had the opportunity to connect with Dermot McKeever, the founder of multiple sustainability companies, mostly recently Power from Plastic. PFP's mission is to deliver power from waste solutions across the globe while promoting power from waste as the premier renewable.  

The Value of Electrifying Your Home

kitchen room with white wall
Larry Waters understands the value of electrifying a home properly and seamlessly, transitioning from all of its fossil fuel based and inefficient or outdated electric appliances, to energy-efficient appliances and solar-power.

Card Games to Teach Environmentalism

a group of friends playing cards by a campervan

We had the opportunity to connect with David Kidman, who wears many hats, all in the effort of improving the environment and health of our planet. He leads efforts in renewable energy in the commercial and non-profit sectors, and also…