Sounds Of The Ocean: Joshua Sam Miller

Dive into Joshua Sam Miller’s new album of immersive, mindful music connects listeners to marine life; supports ocean conservation

Using Business As A Tool To Leverage Positive Impact

Green.Org sits down with Ali Safari, founder of Farad.Ai to learn how he is Using Business As A Tool To Leverage Positive Impact

Campaigning for the Improvement of Our Environment

Green.Org sat down with Donal Griffin, marine policy officer for Fair Seas Ireland. We spoke about protecting, conserving and restoring Ireland’s unique marine environment.

architecture clouds dawn downtown

Embracing Renewable Energy to Contribute to a Cleaner & Sustainable Future

We spoke with founder of Solar Energy Land, Thanos Christodoulou, about the potential impact renewable energy can have on our planet if we embrace it globally.

Documentary Filmmaking to Improve the Accessibility of Research

Green.Org had the chance to sit down with Dr Natasha Phillips, co-founder and director of documentary film-making organisation, Swimming Head Productions. Tasha spoke about the importance of making scientific research accessible to wider audiences, and the potential that film-making has to make that a reality.

Three Ways To Make Your Daily Routine More Sustainable

Green.Org shares three ways you can make your daily routine more sustainable and how you can make a positive impact in your life.

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