Sounds Of The Ocean: Joshua Sam Miller

New album of immersive, mindful music connects listeners to marine life; supports ocean conservation.

Nature and art converge in “Sounds of the Ocean,” a new album from global recording artist, composer and producer Joshua Sam Miller, set to drop on June 8, United Nations World Oceans Day. The profoundly relaxing, meditative compositions layer the sounds of whales and dolphins over supporting instrumental music played by Miller on clarinet, hand pan, piano, kalimba, singing bowls and saxophone.

The album features eight tracks that use the soothing sounds of underwater life to create a deep sense of personal calm and relaxation. Beyond its power as a self-care tool, the music also fosters understanding of the majesty and fragility of the oceans and lets  listeners be part of preservation efforts. Miller will donate 100% of profits from downloads of the album for the first three months to Oceanic Global.

Miller developed “Sounds of the Ocean” over the course of two years, while touring in The U.S., Costa Rica, the Middle East and Europe. For the compilation, he chose some of the best live performances from the tour, all of which centered on the ocean as one living being, essential to the health of the planet.  According to Miller, the tracks are not so much “composed” as improvised, emerging from a deep practice of listening and presence. “The main intention of this project musically was to allow the whales and dolphins to be the ‘lead singers of the band,” he said. “The instrumental music is simply there to underscore what they have to say.”

Miller encountered numerous challenges, both external and internal, in bringing “Sounds of the Ocean” to fruition.  Not the least of these were finding the self-confidence and perseverance to complete a full -length solo album that would authentically express his love of music, the ocean and life. “No such effort is really a ‘solo’ effort, though,” he says. “I am immensely grateful to my beloved Elise Lein, who helped me identify, trust and give sound to the essential feminine strength in all of us.”

Miller composed and performed all the tracks on the album, except for “Touch of Light” which was composed and performed by Lein.  In addition, “Ocean Souls” features overlayed poetry by Amber Herzog Lyman. The marine life recordings all come from the Monterey Bay Aquatic Research Institute (MBARI) and were recorded from an underwater research station that sits 3000ft beneath the ocean’s surface and about 20 miles offshore.  It is positioned in a natural underwater amphitheater, which makes it an unparalleled listening environment.

“Sounds of the Ocean” can be downloaded for $22 at and 100% of the profits will go to support Oceanic Global. Miller will be performing tracks from the album live in New York City at the United Nations World Environment Day on June 5th, and in Brooklyn at UltraMarine Flamingle on June 9th and the NYC World Oceans Festival on June 11th. For further information about these events, please click here.

Sounds Of The Ocean

Who is Joshua Sam Miller?

Joshua Sam Miller’s mission is to connect people to the natural world through immersive sound and visual art. In addition to Sounds of the Ocean, he is also the creator of Embodied Sounds, a mindful music label, podcast and immersive experience studio focused on how sound can help reduce stress and  improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Prior to his career in music, Miller was a film producer, cinematographer and editor in New York City. He grew up a scuba diver, eventually developing a passion for surfing, and with it, an acute awareness of the fragility of ocean life.  In 2019, Miller decided to use his artistic voice to support ocean conservation, and Sounds of the Ocean was born. The project was accepted as part of the 2020 International Year of Sound, and was featured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association in Santa Cruz, CA and debuted at Burning Man 2019. In 2021, Miller presented his work at the United Nations Climate Conference COP 26 and was featured on PBS Television, Agape Zoe Festival, World Oceans Day and as an artist in residence at MONOM Sound Berlin.

Miller has offered over 100 workshops on sound as a therapeutic modality at such iconic venues as UCLA Arts & Healing Festival, San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and WisdomeLA. He facilitates wellness sessions for corporations both in-person and virtually via Zoom. He also hosts The Embodied Sounds Podcast, interviewing experts in the field of sound and wellness to discover how to improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Miller’s true passion is curating immersive sound and visual experiences that build environmental awareness and support ocean conservation work around the world.

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