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Build a Greener Future with Sustainable Homes

house on green landscape against sky
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Alan Hunte is the Co-Founder & Director of Innovation & Sustainability for Thoth London, a UK-based company who assist large residential property developers and other energy-intensive commercial operations with implementing the very latest sustainability assets along with the integration of renewable energy technologies. Thoth London’s mission is to help owners and developers build a greener future with sustainable homes, by using locally sourced materials, solar panels, LED lighting, green roofs, and many more eco-friendly construction methods. We got to connect with Alan and learn more about him and his thoughts on climate change and how we can make a difference to build a greener future.

Tell us a little bit about you and your background:

As a Mechanical Electrical Design Engineer by trade, I’ve always had an interest in making the world a better place, spending at least 10 – 15 years in construction and the energy markets positioned me perfectly to start our business (Thoth London) solely focusing on technology and sustainability in harmony to combat fuel poverty.

My technical experience places me in the unique position to understand the ever-changing renewables sector, using the latest emerging tech like AR/VR and the blockchain to visually correct, adjust, collect real data and make sound decisions in the construction process and hit the UK’s net-zero ambitions.

What is a fun fact about you?

Many people don’t know but I’m a professional portrait artist, since leaving school and winning an art scholarship. I use my skills these days just to relax and sometimes do a commission piece for friends and family.

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Why do you think climate change and sustainability is such an important topic today? 

The main driver of current climate change is the emission of greenhouse gases, most importantly carbon dioxide and methane. These are primarily released when fossil fuels are burnt. The construction sector is one of the main accelerators in the production of cement and some industrial processes with the lack of knowledge, based around well-insulated homes. As the weather heats up and cools down the UK’s current stock is not fit for purpose for the changes coming in only a few year’s time.

What do you envision your industry looking like 10 years from now?

The construction sector does need a bit of a shakeup. The biggest challenge that we have – and this is a bit of a standing joke – is around planning and planning permission. On the one hand, we have politicians saying that we are going to build X amount of tens of thousands of sustainable houses in the next X amount of years. But on the other side of the equation, we have the rock face and the planning departments.

As with most industries, construction will see a change in how business is done. How companies work today will not be the same as how construction will operate in say 10 years. AR/VR Technology will play a big part in allowing companies to streamline operations and improve the customer experience.

What can the average person do to make a difference?

We will get a lot further toward solving the problem if we focus on solutions rather than continuing to highlight the problems, the innovation is out there and the technology has moved forward, I would say just do your own research at affordable solutions that benefit yourself directly.

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