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Global Grassroots – holistic consulting with a social impact

macro shot of grass field

This week, Green had the chance to connect with Ian Shepardson – traveler, techy, nature-lover with a passion for making the world a better place through holistic consulting. His company, Global Grassroots Consulting has a focus on clients who are challenged with social issues. By offering a business development tools in the form of sales, content creation and website services, Ian is helping these organizations create a positive social impact on their communities.

Let’s get to know Ian and Global Grassroots!

Tell us a little bit about you, your background, and your current role:

Much of my professional background lies within Sales. I worked in retail, door-to-door, in corporate sales and more recently, in my own entrepreneurial ventures. I attended Babson College and received my Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and IT. My last full time sales role brought me down to Charlotte, North Carolina where I now reside. After being let go by the company in January of 2021, I started my own organization, Global Grassroots Consulting. Global Grassroots Consulting provides Sales and Marketing consulting services to companies that create a positive social impact for their communities. The marketing services that I provide include website design, copywriting and content creation.

What is a fun fact about you?

Last year in the middle of the pandemic, I embarked on a six week cross country road trip to tour the western half of America. I visited 8 national parks and 4 different states. Along with my dog, Sophie, I hiked, biked and camped along the way. Later that year, I returned west to visit Arizona and complete a Rim to Rim hike in the Grand Canyon.

Why do you think climate change and sustainability is such an important topic today?

Climate change and sustainability are important topics today because it is up to us as humans to fix our mistakes. Our species’ actions have resulted in the destruction of life. We are seeing greater and far more unnatural, natural disasters. Ocean levels are rising. Watershed levels are depleting. Species are dying while the human race continues to grow. Earth is our home and if we continue living the way that we do, it will be no more. The Earth is a beautiful planet that provides us with life. It is up to us to address our mistakes and help to heal our home.

What do you envision your industry looking like 10 years from now?

10 years from now, I see the social impact sector being much more robust. The tides are slowly changing in business. More and more people are starting to realize that working for money is not a way to live. The current job market is a major indicator of this. People are starting to realize the importance of intrinsic values in their work. The social impact sector will gain a larger following, will experience an influx in laborers and will in turn impact more lives. We will see people helping people on a much larger scale.

What can the average person do to make a difference?

The average person can do whatever it is that they do best, in order to make a difference. Do you enjoy cooking? Make food for the homeless. Enjoy reading? Read to underprivileged children, or even teach them how to read. Are you good with finances? Help those who aren’t. Each person on this planet has skills that they may contribute to the greater good. The purpose of life is not to use those skills selfishly for the benefit of oneself, but for the benefit of all.

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