How to increase your resistance against pollution

How To Increase Your Resistance Against Pollution

Air pollution is an ever-growing concern. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.1 million people die from the effects of air pollution every year and this number is increasing every single year. Here are some ways how to increase your resistance against pollution.

Understand the dangers of air pollution

While there is no exact answer to this question, many countries like China and India have limited their air pollution to hazardous levels. Because of high levels of air pollution, they have high rates of fatal illnesses like cancer and heart attacks. While no country in the world has completely eliminated air pollution, in many countries it has been reduced to minimal levels. Stop using cars According to the WHO, two-thirds of the air pollution around the world can be traced to vehicles. Quit smoking. While you might not be able to completely eliminate vehicle pollution, you can limit the exposure to second hand smoke. Avoid using your car, use public transportation, cycling or walk if you can.

Protect yourself from the air pollution

Protect yourself from air pollution with masks, which offer protection against particles and gases in the air. You can buy them at your local stores or online and they’re also available at many medical centres, as a form of preventative healthcare. Make sure you cover your mouth when you breathe out, and make sure you take it off when you’re indoors. Create indoor plants and maintain a healthy diet. Drinking less, exercising more and keeping a healthy diet will help reduce the amount of pollution you breathe in. The more plants you have, the more oxygen you breathe in, and the higher the oxygen levels in your indoor environment.

Act against your environment

Air pollution can have some adverse effects on your health if you are unable to control its effects. For instance, if you are exposed to the air pollution for a long time, it can impact your heart and lungs. It is always recommended to visit your local doctor to get rid of air pollution and pollution related health problems. Get rid of unwanted diseases. Air pollution can cause some diseases like asthma and lung infections. The main reason behind the increase in these diseases is the fact that people are living in the city areas or are living in areas where the air pollution is at its peak. If you are one of these people, then you should do all you can to protect your lungs and lungs from air pollution.

Use home remedies to protect yourself from air pollution

Experts suggest taking measures to reduce your exposure to pollution in your house. Common ways to do this are: Avoid using your laptop or computer too close to the window. Bake or boil water instead of using a traditional kettle. Avoid using open-air air conditioners. Install indoor air purifiers. To rid yourself from traffic pollution, you can always look for a motorbike-friendly route. Find a safer route, Breath freshener, Sip a mug of herbal tea to stay hydrated, Wear footwear made of wool, Have more water, Always wear your favourite perfume/ aftershave, Wear shades, Instead of buying a mask, make yourself a mask and paint your face using wet cotton. You can also use your hands to paint your face in order to avoid water from entering your eyes.

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