10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As the population continues to grow, it is important we all make individual choices to reduce our carbon footprint. Living in a world where climate change is already real, and we are seeing its impacts, it’s important to make environmentally friendly choices. In addition to this, we want to save money and live a life that feels good on the planet. In order to do these things, we need to educate ourselves about how we can make these changes in our lifestyle. Green.Org put together 10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint so that you can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Use Alternate Transportation

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By using alternative transportation, such as public transportation, riding a bike, or carpooling, it helps reduce your carbon emissions and saving money. Getting outside is also good for your mental health, and riding a bike can help your physical health. As vehicles transition to being electric, we are starting to see electric buses and net zero carbon transportation becoming rolled out around the world.

2. Put Energy Saving Appliances in Your House

Kitchen appliances have a big impact on your carbon footprint. When buying new appliances, make sure you pick appliances with efficient cooking features. For example, setting your dishwasher to turn off automatically and at a certain time helps to reduce your energy use. Also, make sure you choose energy efficient washers and dryers. These two small appliance changes can have a big impact on your energy use and your energy bill.

3. Make an Energy Audit

First, it’s important to make sure you’re only using energy that is affordable. There are ways you can lower your energy consumption, and one of the most efficient ways to do so is by completing an energy audit. You should make a checklist of how your home is currently using energy and the methods you use to heat, cool and power your house. A professional can help you identify ways you can save money.

4. Save Your Money

When you’re shopping, think about if you really need to buy that new shirt or pair of shoes, or even an extra water bottle from the gas station. Every purchase you make has an impact on the environment. Try reducing what you consume and by doing so you can save money at the same time.

5. Use Plastic Bags When You Shop

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Do you ever go to the grocery store, and don’t have a bag with you? You’re basically telling the grocery store to fill your bag up with plastic and then throw it away. If you do that every time you go shopping, you’ll save hundreds of pounds of plastic a year. Reuse your plastic bags that you already have or get a reusable bag and bring it with you every time you go shopping.

6. Drive Less

The main way that you can reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce the number of miles you drive. Cutting back on gas means you have more money for the things you care about, and when you save money, you are less likely to be hit with the high cost of living. So if you have to drive, you’ll want to reduce your driving drastically. If you do have to drive a lot, consider purchasing an electric vehicle.

7. Buy Local and Reuse

Buying local is one of the most sustainable ways to reduce your carbon footprint. When you buy products from local sources, you can keep these items in a local economy instead of sending them off for someone else to produce in another place. At the same time, reusing products when possible is also a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. By using a thrift shop as a go-to place for clothes, you’re not only helping to reduce your carbon footprint, but also helping the local economy as well.

8. Eat Local Foods

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Another good way to reduce your carbon footprint is by eating local foods. This means that you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing local products. It is also healthy and will make you feel better on a day to day basis.

9. Recycle at Home and Online

The internet provides the world with limitless resources, and many stores and businesses provide a list of easy ways to recycle items. Most of the large grocery chains have recycling bins for both plastic and metal. Plastic bags, styrofoam, and even paper are all recyclable. Check with the local business and restaurants about their recycling process to make sure you can recycle easily and safely. Make sure you are recycling correctly and take special care when recycling soft plastics like styrofoam, such as those used in soup containers. Plastics and Styrofoam are usually made from oil and are difficult to recycle.

10. Join a Campaign to Reduce Plastic Waste

Get active! Plastic is a huge problem that we’re all facing. The problem stems from two things: convenience and consumerism. These days, many of us are just buying products and forgetting to throw out the packaging or take it back. However, just a tiny bit of effort can reduce a lot of plastic waste, and that’s where some campaigns come in. There are several online campaigns for you to join, and they’ll help you make a positive impact.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Take some time to think about how you can implement these easy and simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint. If we all make these changes, we can have a positive impact on the planet.

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