Sustainable Watches Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Living a sustainable lifestyle means doing the best you can to improve all aspects of life to make sure you are being as environmentally friendly as possible. From the car you drive, to the food you eat, to the clothes you wear, there are always ways to make improvements in your life. As a big watch person, I spent a lot of time researching sustainable watches and sustainable watch companies, and was excited when I not only came across TRIWA, but was able to have the CEO on the Going Green podcast.


A year ago Swedish watch brand TRIWA launched the world’s first watch made from recycled ocean  plastic, to raise awareness of the ocean’s critical health. After a successful year with nearly 10 000  units sold, the equivalent of approximately 20 000 PET bottles, they are now launching a dive watch  made completely from recycled ocean plastic called Ocean Plastic SUB. 

Ocean Plastic SUB is inspired by early underwater explorers and produced in collaboration with Tide  Ocean Material, Switzerland. The new collection is part of TRIWAs Time for Change strategy where they  want to make the watch a statement symbol to raise awareness for issues of our time. TRIWA has pre viously launched Time for Peace, with watches made from upcycled illegal weapons, Time for Pride, to  raise awareness for free love and Time for Oceans, to make use of ocean garbage and raise awareness  for the ocean’s critical health.  

“Our first watch, launched 13 years ago, was actually a dive watch, so we’re extremely proud to launch a  similar model again, but this time as part of a sustainable solution to the global problem. We see Ocean  Plastic SUB as an ocean model made for and from the ocean“.  

Ludvig Scheja, Creative Director at TRIWA. 


Every year, 8 metric tons of plastic enter our oceans, on the top of the estimated 150 millions that cur rently circulate. This has a deep and irreversible effect on marine life.  


Both case and strap are made from 100% recycled ocean plastic produced by Tide Ocean Material®  from Switzerland. The ocean waste is transformed into premium granules with the help of solar energy,  and then remoulded into the watch. The watch comes in 3 different colours, Deep Blue, Octopus black  and Nemo orange. They are 10 ATM water resistant and filled with ocean references such as the 3D  molded ocean dial, the bouy inspired hands and the color schemes. The collection will be launched on and in selected stores on the 11th of May. Price: €139, $149.


Tide Ocean SA is a company based in Basel. Working together with Social Enterprises in Southeast Asia,  #tide collects plastic waste threatening our oceans. In cooperation with Swiss scientists, #tide has developed an award-winning method how to upcycle ocean-bound plastic and turn it into a valuable raw  material. So far, #tide has transformed 15 million plastic bottles into new and durable products for companies all around the world. By using what already exists, #tide is closing the circle of plastic production  and saving fossil energy such as petroleum. 

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