Going Green Featured in Facebook Sustainability Campaign

Going Green was started in 2018 as a TV show to highlight leaders in renewable energy, cleantechnology, and sustainability. Since then, it has grown into so much more. Going Green has featured hundreds of scientists, CEOs, and experts in sustainability, and has reached millions of people in the effort to educate and transform people’s day to day lives to be more environmentally friendly. In one of our most exciting accomplishments yet, Going Green CEO Dylan Welch was recently chosen to be featured in a Facebook Sustainability Campaign.

In an effort to promote more sustainable practices around the world, Facebook decided to approach thought leaders and admins of sustainable Facebook groups to help them create content to share on their platform and educate people about ways to live more sustainably.

Going Green CEO Dylan Welch interviewing sustainable leaders at Smart Cities Week
Going Green CEO Dylan Welch interviewing sustainable leaders at Smart Cities Week

Going Green is partnered with the Sustainable Living Facebook group, with over 76,000 active members, and one of the most active groups in the world when it comes to people sharing information and inspiration about living sustainably. After some brainstorming over Zoom with the creative team, Dylan Welch was chosen as the face of the video, and they decided on a variety of different talking points to share. Dylan produced the video and since then, Facebook has been using it to encourage people to join sustainable Facebook groups to get more involved.

Watch The Full Video From the Facebook Sustainability Campaign Here

Dylan Welch is the host of the Going Green podcast, which features leaders in renewable energy and cleantech. Every Friday, a new Going Green episode is released. Be sure to subscribe to the Going Green podcast. If you are interested in learning more about living sustainably, be sure to tune in every day to Going Green and see what you can do to make small changes to your live to be more environmentally friendly.

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