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Sustainable Leadership with Women

Our society faces complex environmental challenges which are compounded by social inequity; therefore, women are elemental in developing, implementing, and maintaining the solutions to the climate crisis.

Sustainability is a word that unites governments, organizations, and businesses along the common thread of environmental conservation; it describes a set of standards; it is an action. To sustain is the ability to maintain at a certain rate or level. In leadership, sustainability is expected. Within the context of environmental health, sustainability is required.

Climate change requires leaders who are compassionate, open-minded, and able to work creatively in a crisis. Women have been highlighted in displaying these characteristics, especially in the last year. Studies have shown that women leaders perform better in a crisis than their male counterparts; this evidence does not exclude men from having these traits but rather emphasizes the importance of having diverse leaders for comparative studies to be made. The argument is not that all leaders must be women. The argument is that we need more

Women are elemental in developing, implementing, and maintaining solutions to the climate crisis. In order to solve complex problems, we must approach challenges holistically. Regardless of gender, race, age, or background, having variety in leadership will inevitably bring diverse perspectives to the table.

A holistic approach requires going beyond electing women into positions of power. We need groups focused on empowering women to increase diversity and equalize opportunity. 

Resources for Resiliency 

Fortunately, there are many organizations dedicated to creating a place and a space to recognize accomplishments led by women. Planet Women is a nonprofit that partners with women-led companies to bolster an inclusive approach to the environmental movement. 1Planet is a women-led organization that educates and supports climate advocacy efforts including the development of policies that promote clean energy and ‘Creating Climate Voters‘. In working with individuals and nonprofits, these are just some examples of groups that are elevating female leadership to create a healthier planet.

Business is also a strong catalyst for innovation.

Climate tech investing combines elements of innovation and diverse leadership to tackle complex climate problems through business. Climate tech helps solve problems specifically related to the climate crisis and encompasses a broad range of technology sectors focused on decarbonizing our economy. Highlighting women in tech adds more strength to the equation by showcasing resilient solutions created by diverse organizations.

In order to scale efforts to target the specific problems of climate and social justice, we need organizations who promote diverse leadership.

An example is ClimateRaise, a nonprofit that shines a spotlight on the best women-led climate tech companies. ClimateRaise consists of a team of female investors and founders that are passionate about climate tech. They are focused on raising visibility for female leadership to integrate more diversity into the workplace. Hannah Davis, co-founder of ClimateRaise, emphasizes the importance of voting with your dollars and being selective about where to invest money: “Business as usual can’t go on … and so we are seeing everyone starting to take action, as inaction is no longer an option.”

As ClimateRaise connects active investors to the women-led climate tech deal flow, they are changing business as usual.

By empowering underrepresented groups, we have a better chance at solving the problems we face; the need for female leaders, philanthropists, investors, and founders is critical. Women have a proven ability to come together and connect the dots of social inequity and climate justice. In my lifetime, I have seen many firsts for females: prime ministers and vice presidents, CEOs, millionaires, and Nobel Prize winners. With the growing trends of climate change and the societal demand for social and environmental justice, I expect to see many more ‘power women’ in my future. 

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