AI Technology Leading to $100 Million Evaluation

Joining us today from Palo Alto, California, is one of the leading voices in AI technology. Arshad Hisham, Founder and CEO at AH Dynamics, is an entrepreneur, engineer and an MBA. He’s built hardware firms, published research papers on robotics, and has held senior roles at IBM, the Australian Govt, and Toyota.

Tell us about your background:

I am a serial entrepreneur, engineer and a Cranfield MBA. I have built and run hardware automation companies, published research papers on Robotics and has held senior roles in the past at IBM, Govt. of Australia, and Toyota.

I am also a frequent speaker on the Robotics most recently as a keynote speaker at the annual IEEE Robotics Symposium ( Columbia University ), Boston Consulting Group’s annual AI ( Chicago) machine learning event, City of Tomorrow Summit ( New York ) as well as at the industry leading Robo-Business ( San Jose) event among others.

The company and products have been recognized by major associations including IEEE, Disney, Boston Consulting Group, and Robo-Business and featured in major global research reports on security and home robotics. And also featured in Fortune, Forbes, PopSci, IEEE, BCG, Discovery, and, Mashable.

What caused you to get into your industry?

Since 2017, when we launched our first product , we have been evolving continuously. Over the years, we’ve been accumulating a lot of experience in many fields and that has pushed us to develop new use cases.

We are using A.I. and Robotics to solve complicated real world challenges with solutions that are incredibly simple and highly functional. Our initial product was concentrated on the home and social use case. However we have expanded our use cases to domains in Healthcare, Education , and, Security.

Going Green Aido
Aido has won and been nominated numerous AI Technology awards

What trends are you seeing in AI Technology?

A. 2017 when did the hugely successful funding rounds which where 600% oversubscribed

B. 2019 When we expanded the core team and management

C. The third funding round we closed in 2020 which has enabled us to reach manufacturing and further enhancing our Research and Development process.

We have seen valuation double compared to the last round. With these milestones set, we believe we are on track to hit a $100 million valuation in 2021.

Arshad Hisham, Founder and CEO of Aido

What is one action item for our listeners and viewers to take away from this conversation?

Artificial intelligence and Robotics is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption, and companies should prepare for it now. We already see real-life benefits for a few early adopting firms, making it more urgent than ever for others to accelerate their digital transformations. Our products focus on five A.I. technology systems: robotics and autonomous units, computer vision, language, virtual agents, and machine learning, which includes deep learning and underpins many recent advances in the other AI technologies.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have lost so many of my Bose headsets during my pre-pandemic. At one time I planned to join the Dollar Bose Club!

Where do you see your industry ten years from now?

The various technologies we have developed has been studied , referenced and taught by engineering students, Phd researchers worldwide in prestigious universities since inception. We are seeing a lot of this happening over the last 24 Months.

These number more than 30 as of now. These include M.I.T ( USA ), University of Pennsylvania ( USA ),University of Washington ( USA), University of Kassel (Germany), University of Plymouth ( UK ), Universitat Politècnica de Valencia ( Spain ) just to name a few. It is incredibly satisfying to have created something that has at least made a small dent.

And in some ways justifies the daily struggles we go through as we continue to march forward with our goal of improving quality of life of humans with affordable and easy to use A.I. Technology and Robotics. Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work. Understanding these shifts can help policy makers, business leaders, and workers move forward. The world of work is in a state of flux, which is causing considerable anxiety—and with good reason.

Going Green wants to thank Arshad for taking the time to share his experience working in AI Technology.

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