Eco Friendly Gift ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the ones you love! Getting gifts for loved ones, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances can be hard. When asked what they want for a special event, most adults answer “You don’t have to get me anything!” and yet we still feel obliged to show our love through a physical gift as a symbol of our love.

So what better way to spread some positivity, fulfill social obligations, and help out the environment at the same time! We put together this list of great Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas available on Amazon for you to get for your loved ones.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Everyone has to shop for food, so what better gift than getting them a reusable shopping bag. A lot of cities and countries are banning plastic shopping bags, and they are also one of the worst single use plastic items for the environment. This is a great Eco-Friendly Gift Idea.

Recycled Water Bottle

Our next Eco-Friendly Gift Idea is a way to get rid of plastic water bottles. They are the worst! They get used once, and thrown out, only to live in our oceans or landfills for years. One of the best gifts you can get someone is a reusable water bottle. It helps the environment and in addition to that, the technology keeps the water cold and refreshing for way longer.

Recycled Bracelet

Our good friends Green Watch Company have created something amazing. Their bracelets are made from recycled water bottles, and 10% of every sale goes to the Clean Ocean Foundation. They have a special package that you can buy and share with your loved ones. This is our favorite Eco-Friendly Gift Idea.

Ocean Blue Anchor bracelet
Ocean Blue Anchor Bracelet from the Green Watch Company.

Tesla Hoodie

This stylish men’s hoodie is a great way to support Elon Musk’s company Tesla, the leaders in electric cars. If you or your loved one has a Tesla, this is a great Eco-Friendly Gift Idea.

Solar Panels

Harness the sun and save money by using solar panels to power your products. This is compact, easy to use, and saves you money – three for three when it comes to Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas.

Recycled Shoes

These shoes are a great gift idea because your loved one can get in shape, be stylish, and also wear a product that is made from recycled materials.

Elon Musk Biography

Elon Musk is definitely one of the most influential entrepreneurs working in the sustainable space. You can buy his autobiography, and learn about his past and how he got to where he is today.


Get your significant other a bike so that they can get around quickly and efficiently for free and without any carbon emissions.

Electric Bike

Even better than a regular bicycle, you can get them an electric bike. These are great for fun trips through the city or countryside, getting to and from work, and just overall enjoying life.

Electric Scooter

In case you lived under a rock the past three years, electric scooters have taken over the streets. They are a great low cost, quick, easy way to get around. Sure you can use one of the apps to rent one, but why do that when you can own your own?

Electric Golf Caddy

If your loved one or friend is a big golf fan, you should take a look at this awesome electric golf caddy. No longer will they be lugging around their clubs, they’ll be swiftly going from hole to hole in style.

Vera Bradley Recycled Cosmetic Tote Bag

We all travel occasionally, and when we do we need to bring the necessities. In order to do this, you need to have a fun stylish bag. What better gift than to get them a fun, recycled cosmetic tote bag.

Recycled Sunglasses

Now that you’re doing some sustainable traveling, it’s important to keep the sun out of your loved one’s eyes! Check out these cool, recycled sunglasses from Sunski Madrona.

Vera Bradley

This completely recycled bag is great for going to work, school, or just a fun day out exploring.

Now that you have some good gift ideas, go out there and show your friend how much you love them!

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