Ten Eco-Friendly Facts About The Sustainable World

There’s a lot of negativity and bad news in the media (it’s what gets the clicks) so we wanted to share some fun, interesting, and exciting facts in the sustainable and eco-friendly world.

  1. The Longest Train Ride – Did you know you can travel from Portugal all the way to Vietnam by train. Riding in a train is more environmentally friendly compared to taking a plane (although it might take longer).
  2. Quarantine Fun Fact – Electricity Consumption is down 20% due to corporate offices being closed.
  3. Earth Day – Earth Day has officially turned 50 years old in 2020.
  4. In order to prevent abuse and pollution, the Whanganui river in New Zealand has the same legal rights as a person.
  5. Oat Milk, created as an environmentally friendly alternative, takes 1/3 the amount of greenhouse gasses to make a pint of milk then milk from a cow.
  1. The Earth Shot prize was created by Kate and William (yes, the British Royalty) to provide funding to visionaries who are working on solving environmental issues.
  2. H&M Launched a clothes rental initiative, hoping to help people reuse their clothes rather than throwing it out.
  3. Engineers have created workout gear that turns your workout into energy. A 30 minute bike ride generates between 50 an 150 watts.
  4. Wax Worms eat plastic. They’re not the most sustainable solution to the plastic problem but it helps on a small scale.
  5. Tencel, Mycelium, and Pinatex are three textiles that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to cotton and leather.

What are your favorite fun facts about the environment?

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