Going Green – How To Get Involved

Going Green was started for the sole purpose to answer one question: How can the average person start living a more sustainable life?

We broke down different ways you can get involved, from simple tasks, to more extreme positions, to investing your time and money to let companies and politicians know you care.

Lifestyle Choices

The quickest and easiest ways to live a more environmentally friendly life start with your decisions in your life, and your home. Here are three ways to live more sustainably:

  • Public Transportation/Car Pool/Walk/Bike Ride – eliminating your reliance on driving yourself everywhere will reduce the need for gas, oil, and fossil fuels.
  • Single Use Plastics – start with purchasing a reusable water bottle and grocery bags. This will eliminate the reliance on using single use plastics.
  • Investing In Solar Power – While a bigger initial investment, implementing solar panels on your house are a great way to harness renewable energy resources.

Political Choices

Going out and voting is the best way to ensure the people in charge of making national and international decisions are working towards a better future.

Donating and supporting politicians is also a good way to move sustainability in the right direction because it allows politicians to have the freedom to make their decisions without having to rely on major donations from corporations.

Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting your local business by shopping local is a great way to get involved. You are able to help local businesses and entrepreneurs by staying in business, and also eliminating the need for large chains and corporations to transport their products to you.

Many local companies are embracing sustainable business practices, like eliminating single use plastics by encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags.

Get Active

There are so many little things you can do each day. You can pick up litter on the ground, and you can plant more trees. The most important thing you can do is to be proactive with the choices you make so that you are conscious of living a more sustainable life.

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