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Take Action on Earth Day 2022

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A Global Stream, Virtual Reality and Broadcast Event for Change Makers and Regenerative Solutions for the Challenges and Crisis Facing Humanity and the Planet 

Green2Gold and EarthStock Enterprises, One World Center, International Green Industries Hall of Fame, and dozens of other entities are hosting a global event for the 52nd Earth Day on April 22nd and 23rd as a combination of live and recorded content via Stream Broadcast, PodCast and Internet platforms.

The Theme is TAKE ACTION! on Climate Change mitigation and resilience, Pollution, and un-sustainable Economics. 

This two day event commencing on Friday April 22nd, will host a small VIP reception for the key organizers, producers, and organizations in Los Angeles to meet and have an opportunity to enhance the synergy between us. On Saturday April 23rd, we will produce a small in person event with speakers, music and vendors. These 2 days will be world-wide broadcast online, in our EarthStock Expo VR world and on other key networks. There will be a limited number of tickets (100) for the live event to generate a festive environment. 

Keynote speakers Virtual and Live, include Sergio Fernandez de Cordova Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation advancing the UN SDG’s and representing the Pope’s Transforming Education Donor Fund, and Climate project (SCOLIS), Showing of Astronaut Ron Garan’s the Planetary Summit on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day , and Dylan Welch, founder of and The Green Summit. 

Elements include Experts across a whole range of disciplines, entertainment, exhibit, and interactions will be presented. Real Solutions will be showcased for Environmental issues of all types— Climate Change, energy, water, food, waste and recycling, rainforest deforestation, transportation, building as well as poverty, environmental justice, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, weapons of mass destruction, and war & violent conflicts, extinctions of plants and creatures, assisting developing nations to be sustainable, and energy independent from natural, renewable sources. Personal action solutions on responsibility, harmony and balance for consumers, conservation of resources, transitions to sustainability and resilience will also be discussed. 

“The mission of the International Green Industry Hall of Fame (IGIHOF) is to recognize those pioneers, leaders, innovators, creators and visionaries who have made significant contributions to the green industry,” said IGIHOF Chair of the Board, Sam Geil. “Our organization is

committed to preserving the rich history of these great people and organizations by constructing a virtual hall of fame free to the general public — and recognizing trailblazers such as Prof.Alan Tratner and the other architects of Earth Day, is a major part of that.” 

A new national TV Program (TBD)”SOLUTIONARIES” will launch on Impact and Answers to environmental issues by ANI, G2G on the OneWorld Channel, hosted by Prof. Alan Tratner, who helped found Earth Day 1970, Participated and contributed to the First International United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, and founded the pioneering EEG and Green2Gold Incubator. 

As a very special addition to this year’s Earth Day, a limited edition G2G EARTHCOIN NFT will also be released from our partners at, a subsidiary of The LGND Group. The EarthCoin will be released on the WAX blockchain, one of the greenest platforms available to support positive solutions and energize the global green economy. The EarthCoin will be available for purchase for $14.95 starting on April 8 exclusively at YoshiDrops accepts credit card and cryptocurrency payments, no crypto wallet necessary! 

EarthStock Expo is also partnering with NFT Oasis on a free virtual reality event being held in AltspaceVR and an in person activation at our VIP event on Friday which will bring our keynote speakers and party goers into VR worlds! To RSVP to the VR event click here.

The EarthStock organization via one of its highlighted projects, The Sacramento River Watershed Project, shot and produced a documentary film called, “Soul of the Delta” over the period of a year-and-a-half. This is an extremely important documentary dealing not only with the fragility of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, but also about the political and wealthy forces manipulating data and public information about this prized water region. This situation is emblematic of many other threatened water sources, not only in the U.S., but around the world…threatened by corporate interests desiring to control water and treating it as a trade-able commodity, rather than respecting it as the source of life. “Soul of the Delta,” is a human interest story of several generational families impacted by decisions of water boards and agencies, corporate interests and California State Governors, as well as stories about multi-cultural individuals and families, Indigenous Peoples, many cultures who helped build and develop the Delta region, plus farmers, business owners, fishermen, wildlife enthusiasts, environmentalists, and more. All of those entities face incomparable assaults from numerous governmental water agencies in Northern and Southern California, along with CA State controlling power brokers, other monied interests, and several Big Ag growers, with all attempting to “own” or control our water, and more. [The film is currently in the editing stages]

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