Green.Org Person Of The Week: Les Blevins

Green.Org is always on the hunt for people doing exciting things to make the world a more sustainable place. We were excited to come across Les Blevins, the Organizational Founder at Advanced Alternative Energy and at Global 21st Century Society, and share his story as our Green.Org Person Of The Week

Let’s get to know Les a little bit better. 

Les Blevins Jr. was born and raised in Kansas. His background is in the mechanical trades, and he is currently developing innovative concepts to address the climate crisis and multiple energy and environmental problems through offering scaleable, clean distributed energy technology with an emphasis on practicality and economy. Blevins believes humans and the environment are on a collision course. Our activities are inflicting harsh and irreversible damage on the environment and on critical resources.

Many of humanity’s current practices put at serious risk the future that we all wish for humanity to unprecedented degrees. Les believes new innovations in fuels processing systems can bring about the needed improvements – and that more than ever fundamental changes are urgent this decade if we are to avoid the life altering collision our present course will bring about. Our practices may so alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the manner we now know ever again if we don’t make immediate changes.

Les Blevins, the Organizational Founder at Advanced Alternative Energy and at Global 21st Century Society.

Les, thank you for joining us. First, what is a fun fact about you?

When my father and I were selling Honda motorcycles we met Soichiro Honda, founder of the world famous Honda Motor Company, at a Honda sponsored dealer meeting in 1971 in Dallas Texas.

Why do you think climate change and sustainability is such an important topic today? 

If humanity fails to get our greenhouse emissions reduced to a negative number, and begin using only clean energy that draws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, our species, and many others could become extinct or nearly extinct by the end of this century.

What do you envision your industry looking like 10 years from now?

I envision a time when central energy generation is replaced almost entirely by distributed generation. In other words long run power lines are no longer needed nor allowed.

What can the average person do to make a difference? 

Vote only for those who support rapidly changing to 100% renewable energy.

Les, thank you for being here with us today.

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