silhouette of woman holding book near windmills

How Do We Generate Electricity From the Wind?

How Do We Generate Electricity From the Wind?

silhouette of woman holding book near windmills
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The wind is an abundant and free energy resource. The output of the wind varies throughout the day, making it difficult for us to harness its full potential. This is why we need to use alternative sources of power to compensate for the fluctuating output of the wind and generate electricity from the wind. Here, are some ways in which we can utilize the power from the wind.
The Potential of the WindIn 1973, NASA announced that the Earth’s wind speeds are constantly increasing, and it is estimated that by 2020, winds speeds will be at the maximum limits they can reach without being hindered by other natural forces. When you have power that is constantly being created from a free resource, why not use it? 

How we generate electricity from the wind

The wind is a natural force that helps us generate electricity. Wind turbines capture the energy of the wind and convert it into electricity, but they are expensive to build. For this reason, we use them in areas where there is lots of open land, or along shorelines because these places have higher winds. They’re also used on offshore oil rigs to provide power for drilling platforms and other structures beyond the reach of an electric grid. In order to maximize efficiency and reduce turbulence near ground level, most modern wind farms are built with rows spaced between 400–600 meters apart from each other.

Where do we go from here?

By using alternate sources of power, we can now drastically reduce our dependence on the main energy source in the country. We are moving towards an energy future where it’s all about the freedom to choose. As the things get simpler and our lives get more convenient, we can also aim to have a more reliable source of power at our disposal. With the advent of renewable sources of power, we can look forward to having more and more sustainable energy sources at our disposal, which will eventually bring about a change in our living standards and the standard of living.


The wind is an amazing energy resource. It is so capable that it even provides enough power to supply the needs of an entire country. While the price is still high, it is expected to decrease rapidly in the years to come. Therefore, now is the best time to get started and make sure that you will be a wind energy pioneer in the years to come.

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