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The Greenest Battery on the Market: Farad Power with Vinod Nair

We know renewable energy is beneficial for the planet – however, the one limitation is storage.

What are the challenges of batteries?

Today, battery technology is making leaps and bounds with the ability to store energy that is produced from renewable sources like wind and solar. While energy storage is critical in the step towards decarbonization, batteries present some challenges, including the materials used in battery production, which is often environmentally-intensive.

In order to address some of these challenges within the battery industry, Green sat down with Vinod Nair, the CTO and Co-Founder of Farad Power Inc., a company dedicated to providing the greenest battery on the market. As a chemical engineer and an expert within the battery industry, Vinod has spent his entire career developing and optimizing battery and battery materials technologies. 

What is a ‘green battery’?

Batteries are key in moving us towards a carbon-neutral economy, but current battery manufacturing is harmful to the environment due to the mining and production methods. As an example, the carbon-footprint of 1 Kg of graphite (used in existing Li-ion batteries) is equivalent to 20 Kgs of CO2. Farad Power has developed a replacement from plant-based carbon that reduces the carbon-footprint by more than 90%! 

Why is storage so important for our future?

For Vinod, climate change, sustainability, and clean tech are very important to consider for our future. As the world faces an ever increasing demand for energy storage capacity, Farad Power hopes to change the Li-ion battery market by enabling a greener battery with its one-of-a-kind battery materials innovations.

At Green, our goal is to share the clean tech solutions that will support and solve some of the challenges we face! As emerging technologies integrate into the market and push our society towards a greener economy, we have reason to look towards our future with optimism.

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