Eco-Friendly Products Come To The Office

When you look around, you start to realize that things are slowly moving in the right direction. Everything from the way we capture energy, to the way we travel, to the way we eat, is slowly becoming more sustainable. One area that is seeing a big uptick in eco-friendly products is the corporate office. Eco Friendly Printers CEO Greg Barber was inspired to combine his professional background and his passion for sustainability, and built Eco Friendly Printers. Let’s get to know Greg a little bit better.

Greg Barber, founder of Eco Friendly Printers

Greg, thanks for being here with us today. Tell us a little bit about you and your background: 

I was a paper salesman for 30 years and I had a GSA contract for 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Paper for 4-5 years. The paper came from Domtar in Canada. I also was a salesman for several printing companies and my focus was promoting our environment and only advertising 100% PCW papers, and Soy Inks for Offset Printing, and 100% Non Toxic Toner for Digital Printing.

In 1990 I saw 100 Middle School Students on Long Island marching on Earth Day, April 22, 1990 and I was caught up in their enthusiasm and decided to merge my paper skills and printing skills into starting my own Environmental Printing Firm, Eco Friendly Printer-A Greg Barber Company. I am now celebrating my 31st Anniversary, and I still promote 100% PCW paper that is also 100% PCF (Processed Chlorine Free) and if Digital printing we use 100% non toxic toner, and if Offset Printing, we use Soy Based inks.

I have a new website that includes 3 Podcasts, and over 70 Sustainable Blog posts.

What is a fun fact about you?

I like to golf, walk, and party hearty. I usually asked to get the party going. I am known for a few dances that I created that get most of the guests up and dancing. I am not bashful, and I enjoy kidding around. Laughter helps.

Why do you think climate change and sustainability is such an important topic today? 

Our Earth is in trouble with temperatures rising and water subsiding and lands eroding. Wild Fires, Tornadoes, Mud Slides, Floods and other disasters are increasing every year. The students who motivated me to become an Environmental Printer are deep in my thoughts.

What do you envision the eco-friendly products industry looking like 10 years from now?

I see 100% PCW paper used more, so we avoid filling up our Landfills. Solar Energy, and Wind Energy are the norm in making new paper. Printers going out of their way to encourage their clients to be Green Buyers and promoting standard sizes to avoid waste. Paper Mills like Mohawk, Neenah, Monadnock, Rolland, and French Paper Mills flourishing. Landfills under control, and NET ZERO WASTE becoming a reality.

What can the average person do to make a difference? 

They can request their printing be Eco Friendly. They can choose to design print projects that use the paper mills standard sizes to avoid waste. They can ask for 100% PCW paper. They can print xerox copies on both sides. They can avoid Metallic Inks and plastic coatings. They can ask for labels made from Rock & Minerals and not Vinyl, and Banners using Recycled Textiles and again no Vinyl.

Greg, thank you for sharing your vision for a future of more eco-friendly products integrated into our lifestyle.

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