Sustainable Cleaning Solutions For A Cleaner Future

This is pretty cool – a cleaning solution that is basically made out of a dissolvable tablet. Picture this – rather than having to buy all the plastic bottles and bleach and windex at the grocery store, you buy some DAZZ, throw it into a water bottle, and use it to clean all of your household. We love DAZZ’s products and story and wanted to learn more about their goals to creating sustainable cleaning solutions for a cleaner future.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

David Shahan, founder of DAZZ Cleaner, the tablet-based, non-toxic cleaning systems company focused on effective and environmentally friendly products, started his company with a dedicated mission to reduce the use of plastic waste around the world and to make eco-friendly cleaning options not only safe and effective but affordable and accessible to the masses.

David Shahan, founder of DAZZ Cleaner

DAZZ Cleaner was born out of passion. Over the years, Shahan, (who admits he’s always had the entrepreneurial bug), discovered a problem while perusing one of his passions — scuba diving. Traveling the world, he saw one thing over and over again in ocean after ocean — plastic waste. This concern coincided with another he saw in his business at the time. He was operating a dry-cleaning company and saw firsthand the dangers and health problems created by the cleaning chemicals.

“I knew I wanted to tap into an industry where I could make an impact on plastic waste, so much of which is generated in traditional single-use cleaning products,” he says. He worked tirelessly to create not only a highly effective and safe product but also on the ways to deliver that product on a large scale. “To really make a difference in reducing plastic waste, we have to reach the masses.”

Rather than marketing to an upscale demographic that might choose their eco-friendly product based on fancy packaging (with a high price tag to match), DAZZ Cleaners focuses on a truly sustainable footprint — from its miniscule (by comparison) processing plant to its no-frills compostable packaging — all offered at a reasonable price.

Shahan knows that price point and performance, rather than a lofty customer experience based largely on ‘fluff” packaging, are key to becoming attainable to the average shopper. In fact, he’s formed his business model around such thinking with the knowledge that reaching the mass consumer, which is 90 percent of the market, will have the most impact on the company’s sustainability goals. There are also some rewarding aspects of this approach…

“It’s exciting to be part of the disruptive element of creating change, and it’s fun to come up with a product that provides consumers, who many times are almost forced into certain buying behaviors based on limited options, with another option,” he says. “One simple change can really have a snowball effect.” And it’s that snowball effect he’s banking on as he continues to make waves in the industry with DAZZ cleaning products.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

Going Green was excited to meet with David and learn more about his vision for sustainable cleaning solutions. Our goal is to provide our audience with helpful information from experts in sustainability. Tune into our weekly podcast to hear interviews with some of the most influential leaders in the world.

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