Have you ever heard of “Blue Tech”? 

I hadn’t – until Green released recent interviews with innovators in this revolutionary space. I am familiar with the idea of using the power of ocean waves to generate electricity, but the term “Blue Tech” is something new, at least to me! It turns out that Blue Tech is an emerging industry that has been established for nearly a decade and promotes sustainable development through innovation; it’s niche resides in the Blue Economy, which is the interconnected space of our oceanic resources and other marine environments. The Blue Economy reaches the expanse of aquaculture, desalination, carbon sequestration, and even extends into harvesting seaweed and algae for fuel! These new definitions and concepts come as a pleasant surprise, as it is a signal that our economy is emphasizing the importance of developing resources in a sustainable way. 

Our ocean is something that connects us all – and we are dependent on it. 

The ocean holds many secrets to life on this planet, and is still vastly unexplored. Scientists believe that the ocean is the key to our climate destabilization challenges as it drives the water cycle and is one of the planet’s largest carbon sinks. There is still so much opportunity with research and sustainable development in the Blue Economy; however, the importance of the ocean extends beyond scientific exploration. Many surfers would strongly argue that they are dependent upon it as a source of happiness and vitality!

Cultures around the world rely on the oceanic ecosystem as a source of food supply and enjoyment. Countless opportunities exist in sustainable aquaculture, but in order to create regulations on overfishing and sustainable farming practices, baselines must be established. Therefore, investing in the technology that collects information about the health of our oceans is a significant challenge; this includes measuring fish stocks through acoustics and measuring carbon dioxide saturation! 

Blue Tech is the first step in becoming better stewards of the ocean, as we cannot manage what we don’t measure. 

With technology, we are able to assess which opportunities exist, and how we can tap into them in a sustainable way. Using the power of ocean waves gives us an opportunity to create a more equitable energy future for all; however, in order to do this sustainably, it requires innovation and passionate individuals and organizations who are dedicated to closing the energy accessibility gap. With the evolution of Blue Tech, we are able to shift our perspective; we begin to view the ocean as a place of possibility – of abundance, harmony, and equity – rather than just a place for recreation, enjoyment, or food supply. While there is still much research to be done in the space of Blue Tech, the opportunities are as bottomless as the deep sea!

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