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Going Green has been on a mission to help people live more environmentally friendly, sustainable lives. Whether you are a billionaire starting an electric vehicle company, or someone who wants to take your first step into sustainability, there is a path for everyone and our goal is to help you. One thing that every single person on the planet can do is to reduce their use of single use plastic water bottles. Ali Orabi, the co-founder of PATH, started a reusable water bottle company with a goal of providing people with the ability to have easy access to reusable water bottles.

Let’s get to know Ali a little bit better.

Ali, thank you for being here. First, tell us about your background.

I am the CMO and Co-Founder at PATH, the first refillable bottled water brand with Still, Sparkling and Alkaline water in sleek aluminum bottles. Throughout my life, I have focused my business endeavors on making a positive impact, globally. 

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and channeled my marketing expertise to not only create unique strategies for product promotion but also to educate consumers on making more sustainable choices when it comes to single-use waste.  I wanted to take that education component to the next level and spearheaded PATH’s Student Ambassador Program to educate and influence the next generation on how to protect our environment, our oceans, and our health from single-use plastic pollution. 

We have inspired the younger generation to think about their consumption habits at school and at home, and make a positive change to better the world. Before co-founding PATH, I founded and managed two security alarm companies, under SafeHome Security LLC, which are still in operation today. I studied Business Administration and Management at Foothill College and attended the College of San Mateo.                

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What caused you to start a reusable water bottle company?

I co-founded PATH  to create change in people’s consumptions habits and forge the path to end single-use plastic. Along with my co-founders Shadi Bakour and Amer Orabi, we saw the need for a reusable option in the bottled water space. We started and created a disruption in the beverage industry that is responsible for more than 60 million plastic water bottles polluting landfills and oceans DAILY in the US.

The single-use plastic bottled water industry has made a disastrous impact on our environment and we asked the magical entrepreneurial question, “what would solve this problem?” We wanted to do more than just launch a more sustainable bottled water brand, we wanted to create a bottle that feels like a badge of honor shows and shows you are truly “repping the planet.”

What trends are you seeing in your industry?

Consumers are starting to care more about product packaging and its effects on the environment. The desire for more sustainable packaging comes on the heels of climate change, more awareness of waste created from consumption, and many retailers, institutions like major airports and corporate leader started placing bans on single-use plastic. 

PATH was the first to create a line of purified water in refillable aluminum bottles to break the cycle of single-use plastic bottled water waste and we strive to encourage reuse. Many brands are starting to follow our lead in creating more sustainable packaging, which is how we’ve created more than 65 co-branded bottles and partnerships, and have seen many competitors follow our path!

What is one Action Item for our listeners and viewers to take away from this conversation?

Be the change you want to see! Every decision you make down to switching from a plastic bottle to a refillable aluminum bottle can help change the world.

What is a fun fact about you?

I immigrated to the US from Jordan with my brother and co-founder, Amer, in 2006, which happened to be my senior year of high school.

Where do you see your industry ten years from now?

The beverage industry is shifting towards becoming more sustainable with more options for sustainable packaging and refilling stations across the country. Consumers are only getting smarter and want the best options for them and the planet. In 10 years, we hope all single-use plastic is banned.

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Going Green wants to thank Ali for sharing his experience starting Path, a Reusable Water Bottle Company.

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