Working Remotely Leads To A Sustainable Future

Going Green host Dylan Welch had the chance to sit down with Vanessa Tierney, the founder of Abodoo, to talk about how working remotely leads to a sustainable future. Vanessa’s company, Abodoo, pairs people with the capabilities of working abroad (basically anyone with a cell phone or computer, and an internet connection) with a company that is looking to hire remotely. This skills mapping and matching platform technology is at the forefront of many different industries and technologies that are all coming together while we the world has been facing the COVID pandemic.

Vanessa Tierney, Cofounder of Abodoo

Prior to COVID, many of people spent their day working in an office. This means they get in their car each morning, travel to work, get to work, spend their day there, and drive home. This also meant that companies looking to hire and fill roles had to select from a talent pool that was willing to drive to the job, and stay at that job all day.

But what if the ideal candidate doesn’t work in your city, or even your country? Or what if your dream job is located halfway around the world? Or doesn’t have a definite location at all? Vanessa saw this gap and decided to build a platform that connected people with other people to fill available job positions, specifically jobs that could be done remotely.

Vanessa Tierney is the voice for The Future of Work and SmartWorking. With nearly a decade of working outside of a traditional office, she is an All Ireland Top 100 Female Entrepreneur, author, Cofounder and CEO of 

Remote Working Today

Fast forward to February and March 2020. Millions of people were suddenly forced to work from home for months. Companies with the technology to help connect people digitally start to see their stock skyrocket. Most importantly, people and companies are starting to realize that maybe the old way of working a 9-5 in an office isn’t the best way to work. Not only do you spend a majority of your day either working or transporting to work, you are using a lot of energy and resources to get to a place when you can do the same task from home. When you multiply that impact by millions of people it can have a big impact on the environment.

Abodoo’s goal is to help people find their dream jobs, companies fill their roles with their ideal candidates, and help move humanity into a place that relies less on the old way of doing things, and finding new solutions to working smart and living smart.

Going Green wants to thank Vanessa Tierney for taking the time to share how working remotely leads to a sustainable future.

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