Growing and Adapting at Unprecedented Speeds

Joseph Haecker, CEO of Join InCrowd

Joseph Haecker went from working a corporate job to stumbling into an entrepreneurship lifestyle, utilizing digital media to build and grow a brand that supports creating communities, and scaling multiple businesses. Going Green had the opportunity to talk to Joseph, CEO of Join InCrowd, about his experience growing and adapting at unprecedented speeds during COVID, and how he plans on finding more success in the future.

Tell us about your background: 

Before stumbling upon Facebook Live, producing a show and reaching 3.2 Million views in 2018, my background was in decorative lighting design. For 18 years I designed light fixtures for hotels and casinos globally. In 2010, I became head of product design for the daylight tubular company, Solatube. There, my mandate was to create a decorative “trim” that would help make their “modern” product, more transitional and applicable in more homes. Since then, I have gone on to launch multiple tech platforms and product content on social media. Most recently, I produced a 3-day virtual conference all from my Gallaxy Tablet and a video editing app, streamed into a private Facebook group. And, I’ve been contracted to send teams of reporters out to conferences and events in order to feature products to help keep product flowing into the design and retail industry.

What caused you to get into your industry? 

Dumb luck. As a kid, I wanted to be an animator. But I found my niche as both a creative and a planner. By nature, I am a procrastinator. Which compels me to not only have a clear vision for the outcome. But, in order to combat my natural reflex to procrastinate, I tend to dive 110% into any project. When animation didn’t work out, I fell into corporate. When I was looking for a more “creative job”, I fell into lighting. And in 2017, with a rant on Facebook, I became a social media influencer.

What trends are you seeing in your industry? 

Currently, with Covid, I’m seeing a personification of risk types. There are those that are hunkering down, hoping for a return to “better” days. While others are growing and adapting at unprecedented speeds. When asked on another podcast who’s going to come out ahead after Covid, my reply was community builders. People that can bring people together to affect change or an outcome.

What is one Action Item for our listeners and viewers to take away from this conversation? 

Follow the Rich Dad, Poor Dad model, and hold onto your day job while working your side hustle. But if there was any time to start working on your side hustle, it is today. So, whether you have an idea for a green product. Or you have a product, invention or service that you think the world may want. Do it. get started today.

What is a fun fact about you? 

I was a young single parent, with full legal and physical custody. So, when my kids started elementary school, I passed up two pay increases and negotiated with my boss to have him pay me to volunteer in my kids classes. I was able to volunteer every Monday and Tuesday, be room parent and go on all field trips all throughout elementary school. I believed that you can always earn a dollar, but I could never get that time back with my kids.

Joseph with Kelli Ellis and SuperModel Angie Everhart at the Luxe Magazine at the Bellagio Las Vegas

Where do you see your industry ten years from now? 

Changing, growing and still moving forward. it will be something new. And we will be fighting the same battles for that change. But, we will have tools and opportunities that we can’t begin to imagine at our disposal.

Going Green wants to thank Joseph for taking the time to share his experience growing and adapting at unprecedented speeds.

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