Communicating Deep Tech Ideas with Caroline Venza

Eviation, a client of Caroline Venza’s, is leading the way in electric plane technology.

The term Deep Tech was coined by Swati Chaturvedi, co-founder and CEO of investment firm Propel, and refers to companies and startups in the advanced materials, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, robotics, photonics, electronics, and quantum computing industries. As Clean Tech and Deep Tech companies have garnered more attention in the mainstream media, Scientists and CEOs have started seeing the importance of communicating Deep Tech ideas in a way that gets the average person excited.

Caroline Venza, CEO of Mission Control Communications

Going Green had the chance to talk to Caroline Venza, the CEO of Mission Control Communications, about how she has utilized her professional background as a communications professor and how she has built a successful communications business, working with CEOs of Deep Tech and Clean Tech businesses and helping them identify how they can be successfully communicating deep tech ideas to a mass audience.

In one of our favorite episodes of Going Green, host Dylan Welch sits down with Caroline to learn about how she got started in the Clean Tech, Deep Tech, and Communications industry. Caroline started Mission Control Communications support planet-first startups that are shaping our future, and since then has worked with innovative companies like Eviation, Proterra, YGreen, and Wrightspeed.

With 20+ years of experience in supporting Deep Tech companies, Caroline is a Forbes Council Member, and brings new technologies to market, while ensuring the right kind of attention from the right audiences. Working with start-ups to Fortune 50s, she has steered clients through successful IPOs, M&As, fund raises, product launches, pilot programs, branding efforts and all stages in between.

Going Green wants to thank Caroline for taking the time to share her experience communicating deep tech ideas.

Our goal on Going Green is to bring you the latest in green technology advancements, while also giving you action items to takeaway and apply to your life. We focus a lot on energy, transportation, finance, and media. Caroline is an upcoming guest on the Going Green podcast, which will release the Friday after this article goes live. Going Green interviews leading experts in cleantech, sustainability, media, finance, and real estate on the Going Green podcast. Tune in and subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Spotify to listen to interviews with leading cleantech and sustainable experts.

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