Eco-Friendly Watches Lead The Way In Sustainable Fashion

Two of my biggest passions in life are sustainability and watches. So, when I came across Triwa, a watch company based in Sweden that creates eco-friendly watches, I was very excited to learn more about their products.

I reached out to Triwa to invite them onto the Going Green podcast, and quickly connected with the Co-Founder, Ludvig Scheja, exchanging Zoom calls and emails prior to the show. I was impressed with Ludvig’s entrepreneurial ambitions, and also his vision to create a product that is made from recycled plastic, and couldn’t wait to learn more about their journey.


Going Green - Triwa
The Coral Triwa watch, made from recycled ocean plastic.

After the podcast, Ludvig was nice enough to send me two Triwa watches, one made from destructed illegal firearms, and one made from recycled ocean plastic. Since receiving them, I have not stopped telling my friends and family about them.

When it comes to eco-friendly watches, there are few companies doing really big things, and it makes me happy to see something as old fashioned and classic as the men’s wristwatch get a fresh look and made from recycled plastics.

The blue Triwa watch, made from recycled plastic from the ocean.

Using Business To Make A Difference

After speaking with Ludvig, it was interesting to hear their story of wanting to disrupt the watch industry and create something new and exciting. It started out as a few friends with a vision, and with a successful KickStarter campaign, quickly became an international business. From there, they regularly met and discussed new ways to disrupt the watch industry and also do something that gives back to the community.

I think it is extremely important for individuals and companies to use their influence for a good cause, and since you are on the Going Green website I think it is safe to assume you think taking care of the planet is a good cause. In one of our previous articles, we shared how individuals can make a difference. One of the easiest things a person can do is to be conscious of their plastic usage, and also be mindful of making smart recycling choices. So when companies like Triwa take it a step further and recycle plastic and turn it into a useful tool like a watch, it is taking something negative and making it positive.

To support Triwa and their vision, along with buying an awesome and fashionable watch, be sure to take a look at their site.

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