100% Green Energy Infrastructure

Power Factors, LLC, based in Larkspur, California

Building sustainable and green energy infrastructure is no easy task. It involves multiple different industries, technologies, and people all working together. Going Green had the chance to talk to Steve Hanawalt, the Executive Vice President at Power Factors, LLC, about his experience delivering software and services to make renewable energy the world’s leading power generation source, and work towards creating 100% green energy infrastructure.

Steve Hanawalt (right) started Power Factors LLC in 2012.

Tell us about your background: 

I have worked in the energy industry for over 35 years. I joined Calpine in 1999 to develop its Plant Optimization business unit where he was responsible for optimizing the thermal performance of 25 GW of combined cycle power plants. In 2007, I joined SunPower Corporation as Global Vice President of O&M and was responsible for managing the world’s largest PV power fleet.

Myself and two other industry veterans started Power Factors LLC in 2012. Power Factors provides an asset performance management software service to over 30 GW of clean energy assets around the world. I received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley with a specialization in energy conversion.

What caused you to get into your industry? 

I saw a career opportunity to not only do well, but to do good. If we don’t in our generation change the way the world is powered, we are merely pushing off our problems to our kids and grandkids. I won’t do that to them.

What trends are you seeing in your industry? 

The tipping point has been reached. Most super-major oil companies realize they are energy companies, not oil and gas companies and are transitioning to a green energy future. If they can get it, anyone can get it.

What is one action Item for our listeners and viewers to take away from this conversation? 

Start with your own household and lifestyle to make a green future. Stop using plastic bags–our grandparents never used them. Start doing the little things that collectively add up to big changes.

What is a fun fact about you? 

I am the father of 6 children, all of whom went through Berkeley public schools from kindergarten to Cal.

Where do you see your industry ten years from now? 

I see progressive countries getting close to a 100% green energy infrastructures, and microgrids of solar and storage everywhere.

Thank you Steve for taking the time and sharing your experience working towards a 100% green energy infrastructure.

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