Top Ten Going Green Episodes

Going Green has spent the past year talking to scientists, CEOs, and experts in the cleantech and sustainable space. Our goal is to take these conversations and provide helpful information to the average person so that they can start living a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. After producing so many great episodes, we decided to go through everyone we’ve spoken with and create a list of the top ten Going Green episodes.

These episodes are in no particular order, as all of them are packed with entertainment and value. With that being said, when we hit episode 100 we will release our second list of top ten Going Green episodes, in order.

Jimmy Jia

Jimmy Jia, founder of The Jia Group.

We were very excited to talk to Jimmy on Going Green. Jimmy is a scientist, entrepreneur, and thought leader in the cleantech space and provided great information for anyone interested in starting their own business.

Neal Collins

Neal Collins, Co-Founder of Latitude

Neal was a great guest on Going Green, sharing his experience working in real estate, and how he was able to combine his passion for sustainability while also building a successful real estate brokerage.

Brian Keane

Brian Keane, CEO of WeeGreene

Brian Keane founded WeeGreen with the goal to use the internet to create a platform to provide sustainable solutions. Since then, he has built WeeGreen into an amazing company, helping people live a more sustainable life in a variety of ways.

Hap Klopp

Hap Klopp, Founder of North Face

Hap Klopp founded North Face and built it into a billion dollar company and household name brand company. Few people on the planet have found more success in the sustainable space than Hap. We were delighted to hear his story and how he built North Face into the empire it is today.

Tighe Brown

Tighe Brown, President of Big Green

Tighe is the President of Big Green, the non-profit founded by Kimbal Musk, dedicated to educating children about the importance and power of gardening. We learned about Kimbal’s vision, how it started, and what their goals are in the future for sustainable gardening.

Nicole Burke

Nicole Burke, CEO of Rooted Garden

Nicole Burke is a social media icon and has built an empire in the gardening space. She turned her gardening passion into a successful business that has helped her scale and build a massive audience and following.

Clint Bertucci

Clint Bertucci, founder of Travr

Clint Bertucci is an entrepreneur and world traveler, and the founder of Travr. Clint went on an epic adventure, taking on the 75 hard challenge, where he pushed his mind and body to the absolute limits. Listen to Clint share his story and some takeaways from participating in The 75 Hard.

Kathryn Kellogg

Kathryn Kellogg, Founder of Going Zero Waste

Kathryn is another successful social media influencer, the founder of Going Zero Waste page on Instagram and successful blog. Kathryn shared her story of how she has built an audience using digital media, and how she uses that to educate people and help them live more sustainable lives.

Rebecca Boudreaux

Rebecca Boudreaux

Rebecca is a scientist turned entrepreneur, working in the clean fuel space. Rebecca shared her amazing story about how she went from studying in college to starting her own business, and how her career has shifted the way to working in clean fuel technology.

Eric Dinerstein

Eric Dinerstein of Resolve

Eric Dinerstein was one of the first people we spoke with, and has done some amazing things. Backed by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Resolve has done amazing things combining technology and sustainability, particularly when it comes to stopping poaching of wild animals.

Bonus Episode – Ann Starodaj

Ann Starodaj, Director of Sustainability at Optoro

It was hard to choose just ten episodes, so we wanted to share one more with you. Our interview with Ann Starodaj, Director of Sustainability at Optoro, about what it takes to be sustainable in big corporations.

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