Biofuel is a Brilliant Solution with Karl Feilder

On the Going Green podcast, a big topic we often discuss is the future of transportation. There is a huge push for electric vehicles and the infrastructure that supports it, yet at the same time fuel is a resource we rely on every single day. We are excited to have Karl Feilder, the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Neutral Fuels, on the Going Green podcast, and first we wanted to get some quick points about how biofuel is a clean, green, and brilliant solution.

A storied background with a some interesting hobbies. Who is Karl Feilder?

Karl is the the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Neutral Fuels, start-up mentor and an international speaker. Karl pioneered commercial biofuel production in the Middle East and today, it’s the largest group of cleantech fuel facilities in the GCC. His direct actions to mitigate climate change have resulted in over 12 million tonnes of CO2 savings.

Over the past five years, Karl has pioneered the use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to optimise waste and fuel management, saving time and money for customers. Adding to the many accolades Karl and Neutral Fuels have won, Neutral Fuels was recently awarded a place on the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator (MBRIFA). Karl has built and sold five companies (the first to Microsoft and the last to DHL) and led two more to their Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Karl is now preparing the Neutral Fuels group of companies for an IPO on the London AIM stock market in 2024, and coaching other start-ups at Hult International Business School. Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, Karl holds an MBA, a B.Eng. (Hons) in Industrial Engineering and German language, and is writing his PhD thesis on “Psychological profiling of start-up teams.” He is an international conference speaker, and the lead vocalist for Dubai based classic rock band Sandstörm.

Industry Karl Feilder Works In:

• Neutral Fuels are pioneers in biofuel production in Dubai, Bahrain and India, and Expo 2020 partners. We take used cooking oil and turn it into biodiesel for use in hospitality, private and public transport, hotels, construction and logistics. 
• Neutral Fuels has become the largest producer of net zero biofuel in the GCC and we are recognized for innovation within our field. We designed and constructed the award-winning Reusable Oil Container (ROC) from fully recyclable materials. Our ROC is highly durable, lightweight and maneuverable, yet able to withstand high temperatures. 
• The company’s entrepreneurial innovation was recognized in 2019 when Neutral Fuels was awarded a place on the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator (MBRIFA), adding to its many other accolades. 
• April 2020 – the quality of Neutral Fuels biofuel was recognized when it became the first company to be awarded a Certificate of Conformity by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), the first government authority in the region to create a biodiesel standard. In July 2020, it received the Made in UAE logo, symbolizing its local contribution to creating a net-zero environment 

What trends are you seeing in your industry?

• Companies are making bold new climate commitments. Many more are setting and meeting goals to invest in clean energy and transportation, and are driving environmental solutions within their own business operations and global supply chains. But there is a lot more that can be done.
• There is a $76 trillion opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop green technology solutions for businesses. 
• We live in an age of rapid technology innovation. At Neutral Fuels, we created the world’s first closed loop, fully traceable used oil collection system cloud-based data portal and app. This provides a complete end-to-end traceability of quantity and quality of oil. We share this data via our web portal, and use it to improve efficiency and to optimise our supplier’s operating costs. We monitor our client’s fuel usage so we can deliver biofuel to them, ensuring a constant supply.
• Circular, closed-loop sustainable model – Neutral Fuel’s first customer in Dubai in 2012 was McDonald’s UAE which, to this day, fuels its entire logistics fleet on the biofuel made by Neutral Fuels from its own used vegetable oil. Local waste, made locally, for local fleets.
• In 1992, the United Nations resolved that we were going to reduce greenhouse gases but 27 years later they had gone up by 40%. That strategy has failed. What we need to do is embrace innovative solutions for businesses, and Neutral Fuels has proved this with one of the world’s biggest brands, McDonald’s, where we’ve managed to cover over 15 million kilometres on ZERO carbon footprint!
• Some tech giants, like Microsoft, are pledging to enter a carbon negative space by committing to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits by 2030.

What is one “Action Item” the viewers can take away from this conversation?

• There are opportunities and technological advances at our fingertips for the businesses, and ultimately, the world to become net zero. Right here, right now.
• Biofuel is a clean, green and brilliant solution – there are no changes to vehicle modifications required, no changes to fuel efficiency, no added expenses and engines perform better and last longer.

It’s been great learning how biofuel is a clean, green, and brilliant solution. Karl Feilder is coming on the Going Green podcast on September 11th, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tune into a great episode. We are excited and looking forward to diving deep into the biofuel industry with Karl Fielder.

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