Meet Jackson Hinkle, Candidate for San Clemente City Council

Going Green had the opportunity to meet with Jackson Hinkle, Candidate for San Clemente City Council, Marketing Specialist at Clif Bar.

First and foremost, tell us a little bit about your occupation and where you work.
I cut my teeth in community organizing while attending San Clemente High School, where I helped lead an initiative that led to the implementation of solar panels at six high school campuses and at our district office building, saving our schools millions of taxpayer dollars. I also led a campaign that reduced Capistrano Unified School District’s plastic consumption by 9,000 pounds annually, by replacing plastic water bottles with a sustainable alternative. For years, I have been a lead organizer in the movement to stop an environmentally disastrous toll road from being built through my hometown. I have also worked to hold Southern California Edison, the majority owner of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, accountable in their ongoing efforts to bury 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste just 108 feet away from the shoreline at San Onofre State Beach. I have served as a delegate at the National Summit on Nuclear Waste, where I worked to formulate an action plan to safely and ethically store Southern California Edison’s radioactive waste off our coastline. I have continued my work in this field by speaking at a United States Congressional Briefing on Nuclear Power Plant Safety, and through briefing presidential candidates on local and national nuclear waste storage issues. Most recently, I have worked as a founding member of the South Orange County Community Choice Alliance; a coalition leading the fight to lower energy rates & create a greener mix of power for South Orange County residents and businesses.

What is a fun fact about you?
I’m the only candidate running for San Clemente City Council the right way: no developer donations, no corporate PACs, and 100% volunteer led. We put all our faith and effort into everyday people, families, and small businesses. I believe if we truly want to solve the issues that our communities, states, and nation are currently facing — we need to get big money out of politics.

What was your motivation to get into this industry?
I was motivated to get into politics because it is up to us to ensure the prosperity of our Earth for future generations. I believe I can create the most positive change in my life through serving in government.

Why do you think climate change and sustainability is such an important topic today?
I believe sustainability is an important topic today because my generation recognizes the future we — and our children & grandchildren — may have to live in if we don’t take action now. It is up to us (everyone who is alive today) to ensure the security of a future that is worth living in for forthcoming generations.

What do you envision your industry looking like 10 years from now?
I envision more and more passionate young people running for public office. Specifically, I envision those young people running campaigns free of corporate control. Candidates will be funded by everyday people, and when they are elected, they will be beholden to no one except the working families who elected them.

What can the average person do to make a difference? 
The average person can & should support, volunteer for, or contribute to candidates for public office who are running campaigns free of corporate control. There are also a number of great organizations one can involve themselves with who are working to support candidates who represent everyday Americans, such as Justice Democrats, Sunrise Movement, Run For Something, and Brand New Congress.

What positive changes are you seeing?
The good news is, people all across the world recognize the importance of the era we are living in, and the fact that we need to change our ways now to ensure the prosperity of our Earth for future generations. Groups are forming left and right to hold historically corrupt politicians accountable to serving their constituents, rather than their corporate-donors. Candidates who are young and are running corporate-free campaigns are being elected over their archaic & corporate-sellout counterparts. Young people all around this world are standing up for justice & there is a collective hope for the future of our planet.

How can people connect with you?

Insta: @Hinkle4SC
FB: @JacksonHinkleSC
Twitter: @Hinkle4SC

Jackson you doing incredible things, and we appreciate the opportunity to chat with you.

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