Going Green at Smart Cities Week San Diego

Going Green
Ricky Zollinger interviewing MyTown about sustainable cities on Going Green.

Going Green had the opportunity to sit down with some experts at Smart Cities Week San Diego, which took place April 15-17th in downtown San Diego. The event was designed to bring together companies and individuals working towards creating more livable, workable and sustainable communities.

Dylan Welch, Executive Producer and host of Going Green, was able to sit down with Qualcomm and Clean Tech San Diego to discuss upcoming trends in building sustainable cities.

They are predicting a rise in electric vehicles, the IOT, and more and more cameras. Smart Cities Week will be featured in Episode Two of Going Green, coming to Amazon Prime. Episode One of Going Green is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Dylan Welch
Dylan Welch is the CEO and Host of Going Green, a podcast, website, and social media brand that highlights renewable energy, cleantech, and sustainable news.
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