The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch

“Sustainability is imperative for humanity to prosper.”

We must continue to search for solutions to feed and house our citizens, and provide people the opportunity to contribute to society, in a way that doesn’t endlessly consume finite resources.

In order for the world, a country, a city, or even a person to be sustainable, they must create more than they consume. Right now we live in a consumer driven world.

We buy a car to get around. We consume gasoline to move that car. We consume food, water, and land everyday as means to survive. We must think about ways we can eliminate that consumption, and eventually lead to a sustainable lifestyle.

If every person made these changes, the world would be a very different place. Entire industries and economies would grow. Outdated industries will die. Social norms will change. This is only scratching the surface. If you want to learn more, I suggest you watch this video to learn about the sustainable world we will soon be living in.

Learn about the socioeconomic impacts of a sustainable world.
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