The Future Will Get Better (I Promise)

With the 24/7 news cycle it’s easy to get cynical. There’s a reason for that – cynical news gets clicks. Clicks drive revenue. Revenue grows a media business. So long story short, the CEOs and Executives at major news networks literally get rich off of your misery. The stress, the sad stories, the negativity – it all is to drive you back to tune in a few hours later.

But I have good news!

Sure, this article wont get as many likes as a FOX News article about how Donald Trump tweeted about the weather, but I don’t give a shit about likes, views, and ad revenue. I want to create an outlet for people to find positivity.

Here are a three fun, and uplifting, facts about our environment:

Every single state uses hydropower for electricity.

That’s right all 50 states are taking advantage of the gravitational flow of water. (Source: NASA)

Overall Emission rates are down in the United States

the U.S.’s overall annual emissions rates are down in the last 10 years, owing mostly to vastly expanded natural gas resources, renewable power growth and energy efficiency. (Source: Bloomberg)

Some Corporations are actually making a difference.

The world’s largest furniture retailer IKEA has revealed that 70% of the materials used to make its products during 2018 were either renewable or recycled, as it strives to reach the 100% mark by 2030. (Source: Edie.Net)

Apple, the biggest company in the world, says it’s the only one in its industry to have data centers powered by 100 percent renewable energy. (Source: CBS)

In November, Patagonia announced that because of changes to the tax law, the retailer owed $10 million less in taxes. Patagonia said that the tax cut was “irresponsible” and donated its $10 million refund in the form of 20,000 grants to philanthropic environmental organizations that are committed to protecting air, land and water and looking for solutions to climate change. (Source: Business Insider)

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